A new angel

Friday, June 28, 1996
Momma died this morning.

Momma wanted, more than anything, to be at home.
On Thursday she'd hoped to be going home on Friday rather than Saturday.
Each time as soon as she got to the hospital
she would talk about going home.

She 'd had three good years back at home, with Cookie.
Cookie--friend, nurse, nutritionist, physical therapist, mental stimulator and always a loving, gracious, thoughtful caregiver.

And Momma got her wish
over and over.
Cookie found solutions for every complication.
And always with a smile.
And often a joke.
Cookie found a solution over and over.

Until today.
Momma's heart worked hard and let her bounce back time after time.
But, today, it was just too worn out.

Momma's surrounded by angels,
real angels, now
...a whole squadron of angels.
And she's with Ernest and Elnora
And her mother, Myrta and father, Joseph
And all those siblings--Clair, Glenn, and Mildred

And some of the newest angels....Goldie, Wally, and Harold.
Momma is ok.

Linda, Sonya, Cookie and me.
We will need to take care of each other, now.
Because Momma is an angel....A new angel.