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    Welcome to -- a tool for the centralized management dns files.


    With a site config file, a domain script, and you can create everything you need to manage lots of domains quickly and easily.

    gendns creates forward and reverse maps, and primary and secondary conf files (bind 8).

    Site configuration junk is kept in gendns.conf which is also a perl script so you can get all crazy if you want... (not recommended)

    Most everything else is a command line option to

    As distributed each time you run it will create a zone file, and either create or append to master.conf, slave.conf, and one or more reverse files.

    here's a little info on each of the files that it creates...

    master.conf -- hopefully a close approximation to your named.conf file on your main dns server.

    slave.conf -- hopefully a close approximation to your named.conf on your secondary dns server. -- a test script that uses to help you convince yourself that this thing really works.

    n.n.n.db -- a file based on the ip's seen during the creation of the zone file.

    You'll need to delete all of the above files each time you start over... otherwise you'll get duplicate entries in each file.

    the current theory is that you'll create a domain script that calls multiple times and when it's done you should have everything you need to provide name service for your all of your domains...

    I use /var/named, and create a gendns directory under /var/named where I run the script... then I cp or mv the files to where I want them...

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